The Funfair and Thornton Cleveleys Gala


  The Shaw family has been providing fairground attractions at Thornton Cleveleys Gala for around half a decade.

This North West-based firm can actually trace its roots in the business back to the early part of the 20th Century, when Walter Shaw Snr travelled with stalls. Later big rides such as the Switchback, Moonrocket, Hurricane Jets and Ramba Zamba became popular features of fairs right across the north. 

Today the company is run by Farrar Shaw, son of the late John Walter Shaw, together with his mum Marissa. 


Their current stable of attractions includes the Razzamatazz Waltzer, Dodgems, Orbiter and various children's attractions including the all-new Demolition Derby.

 As well as their many annual engagements in Lancashire, Shaw's also travel as far afield as Ireland, Hull, King's Lynn and the famous Nottingham Goose Fair. But Thornton is always a highlight in the calendar as it signals that summer is on its way!